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I lead teams in digital strategy, interaction design,
information architecture, content strategy, information design,
user experience (UX) design, user testing, and all of the disciplines
that contribute to designing an effective customer experience.

Epsilon: VP of Experience Design

May 2012 to March 2017

As VP of Experience Design I led a Digital Experience Design team consisting of more than 20 people mixed between the fields of User Experience, Content Strategy, and Visual Design. I was responsible for setting the direction and vision for my team, assessing work quality and performing career mentoring, determining who and when to hire, and maintaining a healthy, upbeat, and productive work environment.

On a client project level, I worked with high profile clients and internal teams to define project goals and create a roadmap for achieving them. I also oversaw DXDesign efforts in the production of personas, user experience models, sitemaps, task flows, wireframes, creative concepting, and all facets of User Experience, UI Design, and related Digital Strategy. Some of the clients I worked with in my time at Epsilon are American Express, AT&T, Calix, Chevron, Cintas, Consumers Energy, Cooley, Dell, eBay, Famous Footwear, FedEx, Fossil, Google, Hitachi, Home Depot, Kaiser, Novo Nordisk, Pacific Union, Renesas, Target, GSK, VISA, Walmart, and Wells Fargo.

On a global scale, I led the Epsilon User Experience practice, setting standards and evangelizing the DXDesign practice across the company, and I worked to drive a digital culture change within the agency by integrating User Experience (UX) into every facet of our projects, from discovery through define, design, and development.

Robin Green, VP GM, Tech+Energy Client Services

“The heart of delivering digital experience is translating client requirements into vision and execution. I’ve worked with few DX professionals in my career more adept at that than Guy. His passion, experience, insights, and ability to create and deliver outstanding experiences for clients made him invaluable to our team at Epsilon. I never went into a DX discussion without Guy’s involvement!”

Freelance Experience Design Consultant

April 2008 to November 2013

As a Freelancer, I worked in many capacities within the User Experience (UX), Interaction Design (IxD), and Digital Strategy disciplines, but my preferred position has always been leading a team of UX Designers across multiple simultaneous software/web/mobile projects. When necessary, I have acted as the sole UX resource on one or more projects. I frequently acted as a primary client contact and have been instrumental in selling (and upselling) digital strategy and design services.

I've worked with project stakeholders as well as representatives from marketing, strategy, technology, and creative disciplines to determine and understand a project’s mission, goals, and history, in order to produce strategy and requirements documents. I worked with and mentored UX teams in the creation of personas, user experience models, sitemaps, task flows, and wireframes. I have also created or participated in the creation of pitch proposals, business process flows, and many other deliverables to suit my clients’ specific needs. I believe in using all the tools at our disposal to create the best means of conveying an idea or concept.

Led Interaction Design for:

  • Intel.com: led all Intel-related UX efforts for MRM Worldwide's San Francisco office, including multiple B2B sub-site design efforts. Oversaw all B2B content design teams during global site redesign and relaunch.
  • Target / GlaxoSmithKline: Digital Strategist and UX Director for the Quit By Design stop smoking assistance website, utilizing responsive web design to deliver the same site across all delivery platforms.
  • Cintas: UX Director for the Cintas Uniform Builder, a native iPad application that assists Cintas salespeople in creating custom fashion illustrations out of a combination of uniform catalog products.
  • ZillionTV: participated in brand definition, led UX design for official launch of zilliontv.tv, and consulted on (and partially redesigned) account management pages for both the web site and set-top box.
  • InfoPrint (an IBM and Ricoh joint venture): advised on infoprintsolutionscompany.com redesign and fully led redesign efforts for their employee intranet, encompassing all intranet topics from HR to sales support and product info.
  • SF Environment (a department of the City and County of San Francisco): led UX design for Great Recycling Moments microsite.
  • Yahoo!: led UX design for the Start Wearing Purple ad campaign microsite as well as the Share the Happy 2009 holiday pages.
  • iShares: established a mobile device style guide, designed a groundbreaking iPad ad-app embedded within the Wall Street Journal's iPad app, consulted on several digital ad campaign efforts, and helped to prototype new website financial planning and evaluation tools.
  • Wells Fargo: led UX design for various microsite and landing page projects.

Mark Yesayian, President of Ryan Partnership

“Professional. Detailed. Strategic. Leader. These are just a few of the great things I can say about Guy. When you work with Guy you can be assured that the thinking is first-rate and that the output is amongst the best in the industry.”

Razorfish: UX Lead

October 2007 to April 2008

The Razorfish UX discipline focuses on providing solutions rather than checking off a list of standard deliverables. As such, I created or participated in the creation of strategy documents, work/process flows, infographics, and other deliverables that do not easily fit into a standard deliverables list. Of course, I also worked to understand a project’s mission, goals, and history, in order to produce personas, user experience models, sitemaps, task flows, and wireframes.

As UX Lead:

  • Participate in the core leadership team on AA|RF project teams.
  • Act as a primary client contact.
  • Provide UX leadership in project planning and strategy engagements.
  • Lead teams of Information Architects and Content Strategists on large projects.
  • Act as the sole User Experience resource (encompassing all aspects within the discipline) on small- or medium-sized projects.
  • Actively mentor coworkers with less experience and encourage knowledge sharing amongst UX team members.

Led Interaction Design for:

  • Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Platform strategy and planning engagement and Microsoft Videos video portal/aggregator site (within Microsoft.com)
  • Advertising strategy for ESPN.com site redesign

Greg Raece,Director of Digital Marketing, Microsoft

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Guy on our proof of concept product. Guy was an essential part of our launch team and throughout the entire course of the project he always provided us with exceptionally high-quality work.

In addition to his world-class UX guidance for our product, Guy helped us define where our product roadmap should head in the future. Throughout the course of our project Guy leveraged his terrific UX and business acumen to provide us with industry leading recommendations, offer up a clear and strategic vision about where our work could take us, and give us recommendations on effective capabilities that we hadn't even thought of.

Guy's work had a significant positive impact on the success of our product. If you want your online product to have world-class usability, you should work with Guy. I would definitely work with him again.”

Publicis/Digitas Modem: Assoc Director of Interaction Design

June 2005 to Oct 2007

Like most interaction/usability positions, I worked with representatives from marketing, strategy, technology, and creative to determine and understand a project’s mission, goals, and history, in order to produce personas, user experience models, sitemaps, task flows, and wireframes.

As Associate Director of Interaction Design:

  • Developed new standard processes and templates in an effort to improve communications and quality and consistency of deliverables across the entire office.
  • Actively mentored coworkers with less experience and provided analysis and problem solving assistance to members of other disciplines.
  • Participated in the core leadership team on Modem project teams.
  • Acted as a primary client contact.
  • Provided Interaction Design leadership in project planning and strategy engagements.
  • Led teams of Interaction Designers on large projects.
  • Acted as the sole Interaction Design resource on small- or medium-sized projects.
  • Led Interaction Design for:

  • Microsoft’s Faculty Connection, License Profiling Tool (software tool), Windows Anytime Update (a functional part of the Vista OS), and Windows Marketplace
  • Blue Shield of California’s site redesign and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • American Medical Association (AMA) site redesign strategy and planning
  • America Online (AOL) introduces “the new AOL”
  • Michelin’s redesign of select corporate pages within their primary corporate site as well as creation of various promotional microsites
  • Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation’s homepage optimization and redesign
  • Superpages.com pitch work (which resulted in winning the project and final designs consistent with the strategic vision established during the pitch)

Rodney Withers, VP Director of Interaction Design at Modem

“Guy has consistently applied his vast knowledge of theory and skill in Interaction Design for various projects across the Modem network... Project peers say he's insightful, smart, and a true advocate for the user. He's also an excellent communicator, whether it's a leadership meeting or developing a project document, his ability to be clear and concise is a great value to the Creative Group.”

Amdocs | CRM Solutions: Design Process Lead

February 2002 to March 2005

My biggest achievement at Amdocs was the creation of a complete design process and building of a design team where there was none. I greatly enjoyed acting as trainer and mentor to members of the Design Team across the globe on all things related to UI design and usability.

As Design Process Lead:

  • Created ClarifyCRM’s Design Process, based on my own experience and the varied experience of other Designers, Usability Experts and stakeholders from various other departments within ClarifyCRM and Amdocs.
  • Created and maintained all Design Team standards, guidelines, and templates.
  • Created, maintained, and executed both classroom and one-on-one training sessions for Design Team standards, guidelines, and templates.
  • Responsible for managing the ongoing evolution of Design Team methodology and processes.

As Usability Team Lead:

  • Responsible for all aspects of team management, including hiring, performance reviews, and resolving any personnel issues.
  • Launched ClarifyCRM’s Usability Team, which is responsible for various forms of user testing from User Needs Analysis to Prototype Testing to final Validation Testing as well as conducting Expert Reviews of all current project design documents to assure usability, consistency, and compliance with design standards.
  • Administered all forms of user testing with ClarifyCRM customers, assuring that the primary objectives of all project stakeholders are met. Documented gaps for consideration on future updates.
  • Designed and oversaw construction of ClarifyCRM’s Usability Lab, creating two workspaces: (1) a brainstorming and work space for project teams and UI Designers and (2) a testing lab complete with one-way mirror, live audio/video capture, and “screen movie” capture capabilities.

As a Design Lead:

  • Oversaw and coordinated teams of Design Engineers working on all aspects of a project’s design (see Design Engineer tasks, below).
  • Integrated the requirements of the end users, enterprise customers, and technology teams to create optimal user interface designs.
  • Worked with representatives from management, development, technical publications, and quality assurance groups to develop a project plan with full understanding of a project’s mission, goals, and history.

As a Senior Team Member:

  • Continually stayed abreast of current news and technology while sharing key changes with the team through education and collaboration.
  • Actively mentored coworkers with less experience and provided analysis skills to those needing assistance.
As a Design Engineer:
  • Designed user-friendly interfaces for the ClarifyCRM suite of web applications as well as their traditional OS-based software counterparts.
  • Participated in brainstorming and goal setting which led to the creation of Use Cases and Abstract Prototypes which, in turn, led detailed flow diagrams and screen designs that served as blueprints for application development.
  • Created final web-ready graphics and animations for inclusion in the development process.

Ilyse Pender, Development Manager at Amdocs

“Not only is Guy a dedicated and knowledgeable Interaction Design expert, he also is a pleasure to work with. His professionalism, intelligence, and wonderful way with people enable him to achieve success in whatever projects he undertakes. I am so glad that I had the privilege to work with him and hope our paths cross again.”

SBI / marchFIRST: UX Designer

May 2000 to January 2002

marchFIRST was my first full-dedicated UX role. I had been doing interactive lesson design and execution in a freelance capacity until a good friend told me, "It sounds like you're always the one focused on the user's point of view on your projects. You know you can just do that for a living, right?" I moved to San Francisco to take this job a year later, and the rest is history.

It was at marchFIRST where I first learned a reliable and repeatable design process, working with representatives from marketing, strategy, technology, and creative to determine and understand a project’s mission, goals, and history, in order to produce personas, user experience models, sitemaps, task flows, and screen schematics (wireframes).

As a Senior Team Member:

  • Led UX (User eXperience) teams consisting of Information Architects, Content Strategists, and Usability Testing Specialists on large projects.
  • Worked with representatives from the strategy, technology, and creative groups to determine and understand a project’s mission, goals, and history.
  • Actively mentored coworkers with less experience and provided analysis skills to those needing assistance.

Led UX Teams for:

  • Mattel’s mattel.com
  • Several projects for Mattel’s award-winning barbie.com
  • ClearSupport web application for ClarifyCRM (when they were owned by Nortel)
  • MacBuddy setup software for Apple’s OS X
  • Specialty Printing Services intranet for HP
  • SunWIN intranet document search engine for Sun
  • Several miscellaneous small jobs for VISA’s U.S. website

As a User Interface Deisgner:

  • Designed user-friendly interfaces for websites and technology applications.
  • Integrated the needs of the end users, the client, and strategy, creative, and technology teams to create optimal user interface designs.
  • Created detailed site maps, application flow diagrams, and page schematics that served as blueprints for overall site functionality and the user experience.
  • Continually researched and developed best practices for user-centered design.

Chris Noessel, Global Design Practice Manager for Travel and Transportation at IBM / UX author

“Guy was incredibly responsible and customer-focused during our work together at marchFIRST. For UX developers, it's generally easy to get mired in the explanations of team developers and lose focus, but Guy is tenacious in his user advocacy. I highly recommend him to future teams.”

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