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About Me.

Building Trust.

My career in UX has led me to believe that good website and app experiences are all about confidence and satisfaction. If your audience is confident throughout their experience and satisfied at the end, they will be left with a strong positive impression of your site and brand that will keep them coming back for more.

Creating Superstars.

I believe in building teams full of superstars. I perform well in the spotlight, but a good team leader shouldn’t need to be the center of attention at all times. I prefer to build capable, process-based yet flexible teams that are ready to take on any challenge. And at the end of the day, work should also be fun. If we’re only doing this for a paycheck, we’re doing something wrong.

Applying UX to UX Work.

I lead teams in digital strategy, interaction design, information architecture, content strategy, information design, user experience (UX) design, user testing, and all of the disciplines that lead to designing an effective customer experience. For many years now I’ve been applying my experience design skills to the corporate world, trying understand the various teams, structures, and systems we interact with. I understand the strengths and weaknesses of each group and how they actually behave rather than an idealized version of what they’re “supposed to do.” I tailor my team’s processes and my own expectations appropriately to meet other disciplines in the middle while also pushing everyone to be better versions of themselves.

Why I Do It: People.

The driving forces in my life are quality, satisfaction, and caring about people. My strongest skills revolve around audial or visual communication, organization, and planning. I love to facilitate teams from brainstorming and conceptualization all the way through “define and design”​ to a viable solution, and I enjoy creating healthy, upbeat, and productive work environments. I have a proven background in understanding how people think, analyzing their needs, and meeting those needs. I’m passionate about bringing all these talents to bear on any project I’m involved with.

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  • Respected leader, both within my team and the broader company
  • Adept at mentoring and fostering a growth environment; provides guidance and direction while encouraging independent thought and action
  • Expert navigator of corporate politics, cutting through the noise and driving toward solutions
  • Excellent communicator, skilled in the art of negotiation and compromise
  • Quick to adapt to changing environments and/or requirements
  • Strong advocate for usability and user-centered experience design
  • Driving force behind promising new ideas, working toward making them a reality
  • Hands-on experience in every role of a web or software development team


  • Over 20 years of experience covering every aspect of interactive design: UX/UI design, content strategy, information architecture, search engine optimization (SEO), and user testing
  • Strong and proven intuition for user psychology, backed by years of continuing education and direct work experience
  • Experience in following a tested design process which insures thorough forethought of design and communication with all team members, reducing costly near-deadline changes
  • Firm grounding in good design principles, from fully interactive media to paper-based layout and design
  • Experience in coordinating and conducting user testing, from needs analysis and planning through prototype and validation testing


Customer Experience Planning and Design, User Experience Design, Process Design, Mobile-First Responsive Web Design, Enterprise-Level Website Discovery/Define/Design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

My Experience


I lead teams in designing effective customer experiences.

Experience Design Leadership Consultant

April 2017 to current

I build and lead Digital Experience Design projects, teams, and/or client accounts. I create or evolve existing design practices to focus your products and projects around real audience insight. I champion repeatable, yet always flexible, processes that can reliably produce quality results. I’ve led teams ranging from small, focused, local teams to large teams spread across the globe while advancing work on several projects or client accounts simultaneously. I work with high profile clients, like Intel and Nokia, and their internal stakeholders to define project or product goals and create a roadmap for achieving them.

Leadership Consulting Details

Epsilon: VP of Experience Design

May 2012 to March 2017

I led a Digital Experience Design team consisting of more than 20 people mixed between the fields of User Experience, Content Strategy, and Visual Design. I was responsible for setting the direction and vision for my team, assessing work quality and performing career mentoring, determining who and when to hire, and maintaining a healthy, upbeat, and productive work environment. On a client project level, I worked with high profile clients and internal teams to define project goals and create a roadmap for achieving them. On a global scale, I led the Epsilon User Experience practice, setting standards and evangelizing the DXDesign practice across the company.

Epsilon Details

Freelance Experience Design Consultant

April 2008 to November 2013

I work in many capacities within the User Experience (UX), Interaction Design (IxD), and Digital Strategy disciplines, but my preferred position is leading a team of UX Designers across multiple simultaneous software/web/mobile projects. Everywhere I go I actively promote a user-centered approach to design. I also act as a primary client contact on most projects and am instrumental in selling (and upselling) digital strategy and design services.

Freelance Details

Razorfish: UX Lead

October 2007 to April 2008

Like most interaction/usability positions, I worked with representatives from marketing, strategy, technology, and creative to determine and understand a project’s mission, goals, and history, in order to produce personas, user experience models, sitemaps, task flows, and screen schematics (wireframes). Since the Razorfish UX discipline focuses on providing solutions rather than checking off a list of standard deliverables, I also created or participated in the creation of strategy documents, work/process flows, infographics, and other deliverables that do not easily fit into a standard deliverables list.

Razorfish Details

Publicis/Digitas Modem: Assoc Director of Interaction Design

June 2005 to Oct 2007

I worked with representatives from marketing, strategy, technology, and creative to determine and understand a project’s mission, goals, and history, in order to produce personas, user experience models, sitemaps, task flows, and wireframes.

Publicis/Digitas Details

Amdocs | CRM Solutions: Design Process Lead

February 2002 to March 2005

My biggest achievement at Amdocs was the creation of a complete design process and building of a design team where there was none. I greatly enjoyed acting as trainer and mentor to members of the Design Team across the globe on all things related to UI design and usability.

Amdocs Details

SBI / marchFIRST: UX Designer

May 2000 to January 2002

At SBI/marchFIRST I led UX (User eXperience) teams consisting of Information Architects, Content Strategists, and Usability Testing Specialists on many projects of various sizes. I worked with representatives from the strategy, technology, and creative groups to determine and understand a project’s mission, goals, and history, and produced sitemaps, task flows, and screen designs for implementation. I also actively mentored coworkers with less experience and provided analysis skills to those needing assistance.

SBI/marchFIRST Details
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Testimonials from past coworkers and clients. 

Guy is a rare individual with the ability to stitch psychology, technology and a million moving pieces into something simple, intuitive and inventive. He has extraordinary UI Vision—a picture of the end goal long before others recognize the first steps. This clarity helps him effectively guide teams through the process of reaching goals, and helps clients understand and feel comfortable with decisions being made.

What makes Guy truly exceptional is his commitment and passion for the people who use his creations. He’s an unwavering advocate for great user experience. And, a professional with immense personal integrity. When your peers and superiors consistently say you’re the best they’ve seen – that’s Guy.

Tamara Crawford, Creative Director

With years of experience in the trenches of both product and advertising teams, Guy has a breadth of wisdom and insight to share. His open and inclusive approach brings a diverse group of talented designers to his team. He constantly fosters growth in individuals, and cares about each of their career journeys. His skills from years as a UX consultant shine through in his executive communications and ability to sell work that can be delivered on time and on budget.

I joined Epsilon because Guy Burns was leading the team there. After working with Guy at McCann, I knew I would take any future opportunity to partner with him again. Guy’s commitment to applying user-centered design principles to his organization make him an exceptionally motivating leader. I look forward to the next time I can work with Guy.

Charlene Zvolanek, Senior Director of UX, Tech+Energy Practice

Guy is a great manager, strategist, and advocate for both the practice of Experience Design and those who dedicate themselves to it. He has a great understanding of the details related to UX, Content Strategy, and Creative, but also knows how to position those skills in meaningful ways to deliver value for clients and create opportunities for Epsilon. He also has a great eye for talent, assembling a team of solid performers who reward his loyalty with excellence and tenacity.

Dante Murphy, Senior Director of UX, Healthcare Practice
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