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Project Description

American Express, Global Corporate Payments

As the UX Lead for the American Express client, I had an ongoing relationship with their brand and oversaw or directly produced a number of projects over the course of several years. Here are a  few highlights that illustrate the broad range of work.

  • AmericanExpress.com: American Express wanted to bring their Global Corporate Payments to the modern age, including the capability of responsive design, personalization, localization, and complex content marketing strategies on a single CMS solution, so Epsilon delivered an award-winning, response-designed website for American Express. The uniquely adapted digital style won merits across the organization, with a robust suite of personalization options to engage customers across 29 countries and 7 different Amex domains
  • American Express @ Work: I maintained an especially rich relationship with the @ Work team, frequently engaging in focused, UX-only assignments to improve usability of their @ Work customer portal. My team conducted stakeholder interviews, performed user testing, and otherwise applied our User Experience expertise to bring much-needed change to this outdated portal experience. Our work garnered high praise from American Express and their corporate account customers.
  • @ Work Corporate Accounts Reconciliation: One of our biggest UX engagements was the migration of a legacy Windows application into a modern web application. Imagine you’re the AMEX Program Administrator for Sony Pictures, and monthly or quarterly you need to reconcile and balance the entirety of your account, each card and payment across the entirety of Sony Pictures. This is the tool you’d use to do that. This was a significantly complex and challenging project, as it combined elements of both financial management and expense reporting software, and the extended group of client stakeholders was not equally educated on the requirements or system constraints.
  • American Express Loyalty Edge: American Express brought a new card product to market that focused on cash back rewards, and the client wished to update the legacy redemption experience. AMEX asked Epsilon to create a seamless interaction across the entire end-to-end redemption process. In response, we developed a responsive loyalty site with a focus on cash-back redemption, the most common use case. The Epsilon team also focused on an enhanced cart and checkout experience, both to streamline the cash back experience and deliver cross-sell opportunities. The end result supports the new product vision and ease of use in delivering an exceptional user experience within the existing redemption backend platform.
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