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Project Description

Amgen Wyeth

As the primary Interaction Design Lead for the Amgen Wyeth client account, I was responsible for all aspects of interaction design and information architecture on various web properties related to Amgen Wyeth’s co-owned Enbrel pharmaceutical, including:

  • insideRA.com
  • enbrel.com
  • enbrelenespanol.com
  • psoriasisconnect.com

My role on this account included oversight and coordination of other interaction designers, interaction design specialist for all client reviews, and direct hands-on deliverable production. The scope of work included everything from site design to ongoing upgrades, updates, and general maintenance.

I would also like to highlight my work on Search Engine Optomization (SEO) for this account. Listed below are some of the concepts covered in the final SEO Action Plan:

  • balancing SEO with business and branding needs
  • inclusion of targeted keywords within page content
  • effective use of title and header tags
  • conversion of all image text to HTML
  • addition of a sitemap for search engine crawlers
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