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Project Description

AT&T U-verse

As a partner to the AT&T U-verse service offering, we created an interactive second-screen zine experience filled with interviews, digital games, activities, behind-the-scenes exclusives, and news about the shows people care about most. By offering an enormous wealth of relevant, entertaining, and original content, we significantly reduced churn, and the program was able to retain the AT&T U-verse base and create new viewers for our programming partners.

The UGuide started as an iOS native application, but later evolved into a dual mobile web and native app hybrid, enabling broader consumer reach while reusing existing assets.

TV is nothing like it used to be. There are too many channels, too many shows, too many choices. Audiences today are overwhelmed. And UGuide, our unique monthly digital entertainment magazine for AT&T, is here to help with the ultimate guide to entertainment– and all things U-verse.


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