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Project Description

Cintas Uniform Designer

In many industries, uniforms are a vital part of a company’s brand strategy. Cintas provides custom uniform solutions, but the process was time- and cost-intensive. It relied on printed catalogs and multiple rounds of design review. One of the their biggest challenges was in helping clients to visualize disparate uniform pieces from a photo put together into a single uniform, and this frequently resulted in shipping multiple samples back-and-forth in order to help the client make decisions.

We built the CintasDesign App to enable Cintas sales partners to work with customers to build uniform programs in real time. With the app, sales partners could customize designs, show uniforms in the customer’s environment, and demonstrate garment combinations by job function. Options could be saved to electronic mood boards, which could be quickly routed for approvals. The app reduced cost, shortened buying cycles, and positioned Cintas as a leader in the category.

Initial results showed a strong lift in sales, increased attachment rates, and shorter buying cycles, and feedback from the field confirmed positive customer reaction. Cintas also got press coverage for their innovative app, improving their image as a leader in the uniform marketplace.

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