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Testamonials from clients and coworkers.

Guy is a rare individual with the ability to stitch psychology, technology and a million moving pieces into something simple, intuitive and inventive. He has extraordinary UI Vision—a picture of the end goal long before others recognize the first steps. This clarity helps him effectively guide teams through the process of reaching goals, and helps clients understand and feel comfortable with decisions being made.

What makes Guy truly exceptional is his commitment and passion for the people who use his creations. He’s an unwavering advocate for great user experience. And, a professional with immense personal integrity. When your peers and superiors consistently say you’re the best they’ve seen – that’s Guy.

Tamara Crawford, Creative Director

With years of experience in the trenches of both product and advertising teams, Guy has a breadth of wisdom and insight to share. His open and inclusive approach brings a diverse group of talented designers to his team. He constantly fosters growth in individuals, and cares about each of their career journeys. His skills from years as a UX consultant shine through in his executive communications and ability to sell work that can be delivered on time and on budget.

I joined Epsilon because Guy Burns was leading the team there. After working with Guy at McCann, I knew I would take any future opportunity to partner with him again. Guy’s commitment to applying user-centered design principles to his organization make him an exceptionally motivating leader. I look forward to the next time I can work with Guy.

Charlene Zvolanek, Senior Director of UX, Tech+Energy Practice

Guy is a great manager, strategist, and advocate for both the practice of Experience Design and those who dedicate themselves to it. He has a great understanding of the details related to UX, Content Strategy, and Creative, but also knows how to position those skills in meaningful ways to deliver value for clients and create opportunities for Epsilon. He also has a great eye for talent, assembling a team of solid performers who reward his loyalty with excellence and tenacity.

Dante Murphy, Senior Director of UX, Healthcare Practice

Guy is an accomplished digital experience and UI professional. His vast experience affords him the ability to easily understand and translate a client’s ask, and in turn provide pragmatic recommendations that manage to exceed expectations. Guy is a pleasure to collaborate with, and gets the best from his team. Whether presenting capabilities or concepts in a pitch, or working through the specifics of a project scope, you can be confident that Guy is going to deliver!

Ryan Lincoln, VP, Enterprise Sales

Guy’s UX leadership was a great asset in the delivery of comprehensive digital experience solutions for my clients at Epsilon. He’s a great client communicator, easily translating complex concepts into client-appropriate language, and also excels at exploring new strategic digital experience opportunities for clients.

Robert Balmaseda, President/Founder of VeloWerks

The heart of delivering digital experience is translating client requirements into vision and execution. I’ve worked with few DX professionals in my career more adept at that than Guy. His passion, experience, insights, and ability to create and deliver outstanding experiences for clients made him invaluable to our team at Epsilon. I never went into a DX discussion without Guy’s involvement!

Robin Green, VP GM, Tech+Energy Client Services

Guy brings the perfect blend of UX/Creative strategy and process required to lead this discipline. His pragmatic sense, advocacy, and collaborative leadership has provided the foundation required to bring us success in today’s multi-disciplinary digital marketing environment.

Craig Kauffman, SVP, Digital Experience

Professional. Detailed. Strategic. Leader. These are just a few of the great things I can say about Guy. He has been a very important partner at Ogilvy, ensuring that we always a ‘customer centric’ approach to our user experience projects. When you work with Guy you can be assured that the thinking is first rate and that the output is amongst the best in the industry.

Mark Yesayian, President, Ryan Partnership

Before Guy started working in our office, there was a lot of confusion over where the line between UX and visual design was, and why would we even need UX. After Guy’s first projects were started, there were no longer questions as to why we needed UX, and Guy set to work on teaching how UX and visual design work hand in hand to create amazing projects. He is able to anticipate where UX problems may arise, stop them before they do, and is ready with a beautifully simple solution. Particularly impressive is his ability to communicate clearly and effectively with clients in high-stress situations. When snags do happen, he has an innate ability to problem solve on the go, and uses these situations as teaching opportunities for all involved. I have been extremely fortunate to have him as a teacher and mentor. He is a priceless asset to any account or project.

Dennis Heidebrink, Creative Director

Guy has a reputation for being highly intelligent, thoughtful, strategic, and friendly. In his responsibilities overseeing a large team, Guy is someone who clearly cares deeply about the quality of work his team is delivering, and who also cares deeply about the individuals themselves. He is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of UX, and also understands the broader picture of managing complicated projects and large teams.

At Epsilon, Guy fostered an environment of collaboration and shared responsibility. Our teams worked in close collaboration on establishing best practices for the UX, design, and development workflow to ensure that we were all adhering to common standards, which was instrumental to reducing redundancies or re-work. As a VP, Guy was also very adept at reading the political landscape. He was never afraid to vocalize his opinions, and was regularly the first to raise issues or introduce ideas that others hadn’t considered.

Working with him was always a pleasure and opportunity to learn.

Patrick Guinness, Senior Manager, Front-End Development

The simplest way to say it is that working with Guy is a privilege. Guy elevates any UX conversation with his knowledge and considerate opinions. Guy leads meetings and discussions with all levels of expertise in mind, and has the ability to explain the most complex of theories to a wide audience leaving everyone with the same level of expertise. I trust Guy implicitly to define clearly the most simplistic to the most complicated of asks.

Drusilla de Veer, Director, Digital Project Delivery

Sorry to all the wonderful UX guys I’ve worked with in the past but Guy is, no joke, a genius when it comes to his field. His comments, thoughts and ideas during projects are almost always a few steps ahead of where the team is at. His solutions are quick, clear and realistic to produce and he pretty much always has the answer to any UX question or problem. I soak up everything I can learn from him.

Frank Dellario, Producer/Director at Pixel Valley Studios

I had the pleasure of reporting and collaborating with Guy during our time at Epsilon. Guy was very involved in helping me grow as an employee. He was patient in explaining various work processes and how I could better collaborate with members from multi-disciplines. Guy also included me in weekly meetings with key members of the team so I could get more insight into the structure and goals.

Whenever I have questions or concerns, Guy always responds promptly. He often takes the extra effort to follow up later in the week to make sure my issues have been resolved. Guy always demonstrates wonderful initiative and a positive attitude during our collaborations. His patience and willingness to help have made me motivated to perform at the highest level.

Guy stays updated with the ever changing digital landscape and proactively contributes ideas to improve user experience for our clients. I enjoyed working with Guy and would highly recommend him for your team.

Almond Loh, Manager of User Experience

It was an absolute pleasure working with Guy on our proof of concept product. Guy was an essential part of our launch team and throughout the entire course of the project he always provided us with exceptionally high-quality work. In addition to his world-class UX guidance for our product, Guy helped us define where our product roadmap should head in the future.

Throughout the course of our project Guy leveraged his terrific UX and business acumen to provide us with industry leading recommendations, offer up a clear and strategic vision about where our work could take us, and give us recommendations on effective capabilities that we hadn’t even thought of. Guy’s work had a significant positive impact on the success of our product.

If you want your online product to have world-class usability, you should work with Guy. I would definitely work with him again.

Greg Raece, Director of Digital Marketing, Microsoft

Guy brings clarity through experience, providing clients with unparalleled insight into their customer’s UI interactions BEFORE designs are even begun. He’s terrific to work with, bringing a positive, but realistic, attitude to any project – work or non-work related. Guy is one of the people you want on or leading your team.

Greg Humphrey, Manager, Software Development

Guy Burns is the type of UX and Digital lead you want on your business. He balances pushing the limits with pragmatism and doesn’t lose sight of the business goals. Guy works on several challenging projects with me and I was always able to depend on him to come up with ways to work through limitations and curveballs thrown our way. Any team, account or project would be lucky to have Guy on it.

Angeline Yeo, VP, Marketing

At Ogilvy, I worked with Guy on a variety of projects and clients and I can say he is one of the top UX folks in the business. His level of knowledge, dedication, leadership and attention to detail made every project he touched a success. He challenges the status quo, but also has deep roots and understanding in human/computer interaction and industry best practices. He is a valued addition to any team or project.

Scott Johnson, Co-Founder at Thünderbeast

From day one, I knew our project was in good hands with Guy. He was able to take our raw thoughts, organize them, improve them, and turn that into a great website. His patience and diligence throughout the entire process were outstanding, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.

Liz Du, Director of Marketing, ZillionTV

I REALLY enjoyed working with Guy on a very high-profile pilot project for Microsoft. Guy was extremely professional. He came prepared for each and every meeting. He really did his homework with regard to the marketplace and competitive analysis of particular website features and functionality. His ideas were thoughtful and proposed solutions creative and practical. He really cared about the project and put a lot of heart and soul into his work. Guy met all the project deadlines and was a great team member. I would gladly work with Guy on future projects.

Mark Protus, Director Modern Learning & Video, Microsoft Office

Guy has an attention to detail that exceeds that of any Interactive Designer I have worked with. He constantly applies best practices as well as implements those best practices at the organization he is at. He immerses himself into a particular business’s strategy and develops an interactive design that executes this strategy, but, also that the client feels is salient to their business and that creative feels they can successfully execute. Additionally, Guy is up to speed on the latest technologies and knows how to define their implementation in a manner that is clear to technology. On a personal level, Guy is a proactive problem solver and a joy for his team members to work with. I would highly recommend his services to any organization.

Frank Garavaglia, SVP, Head of National Delivery at Rosetta

Every time I found out Guy was going to be involved in a project I felt relieved. His attention to detail, knowledge of design, and creativity have been invaluable to me during the software projects we’ve worked on together. In addition to helping make our projects successful, Guy has taught me a thing or two about design that I use every day.

Todd Armstrong, Sr Program Manager at Microsoft

Not only is Guy a dedicated and knowledgeable Interaction Design expert, he also is a pleasure to work with. His professionalism, intelligence, and wonderful way with people enable him to achieve success in whatever projects he undertakes. I am so glad that I had the privilege to work with him and hope our paths cross again.

Ilyse Pender, Sr Software Development Manager

Working with Guy was always inspiring and fulfilling. He has integrity and cares for people, a very high level of organization, and an intuitive and accurate sense of procedure. In addition, he is a great communicator across multiple channels. His work products are excellent and professional, and he is a first-class trainer.

Mark Weinberg, Director of User Experience

I worked with Guy at Epsilon, but knew him before I was hired. In fact, Guy was part of the reason I chose to pursue UX design as a career. He clearly believes in the power of good design, and knows more than enough to make it happen for his clients. Listening to him speak about his work it was hard not to come away feeling inspired and motivated. It motivated me enough that I jumped into UX with both feet.

Naturally, when I graduated from General Assembly the first place I went was Epsilon, where I was thrilled to discover that my initial impressions of working with Guy were dead-on. He had built a team that was smart, engaged in their roles, and that genuinely seemed to enjoy working together. I’m new to UX, but not new to the workforce, so I know how valuable that type of environment is, and I also know how much work it took for Guy to create the culture supporting it.

While I worked with Guy I always knew his door was open and that he had my back. Numerous times while chatting in his office I’d see him jot down a quick note to himself when I casually mentioned someone had run into an issue or was feeling under the weather. Inevitably that person would end up with some discreet assistance or at least a check-in. Minor issues never became major problems because of the level of care and attention Guy poured into his team.

Of course working for Guy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, he has high standards for work going out the door on time and under budget. However, he’s clear in communicating his expectations and giving feedback, and it’s hard not to perform and flourish when you’ve got everything you need to succeed. The time I spent working on Guy’s team has been both challenging and rewarding and the career growth I’ve experienced has been fantastic.

Guy is that rare unicorn with skills covering UX, digital strategy, and most importantly – leadership. I’d jump at the chance to work with him again on any team lucky enough to have him.

Benjamin Remington, UX Designer
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